Credentialing Careers

Motivated people learn everywhere, everyday. Not just through formal education, but through their experiences, and most importantly, through reflecting on those experiences.


Make it possible for you to navigate your career pathway

Provide the 'maps' and navigation for your career

Connect you to the credentialing, learning and experiences that promote your success

Use of state of art technologies to help you succeed


Choose Your Pathway

Until now, it has been hard to find great ways to navigate your own career journey. There have been no maps that help you understand where you are on a lifelong journey. There have been no navigation tools to help you find your next destination, or the one after that, or the one after that… That is why we exist. To provide you with new ways to navigate your own, unique journey.

We use trusted frameworks to assess your capabilities and competence so that you can earn credentials that employers can trust. You can use your C2People credentials to identify opportunities that are right for you now, and as you grow. Our goal is to empower your aspirational growth by harnessing all of your skills, not just the lessons you learned in a classroom.

Employers care about what you can do, not just what you know. We do too. So, while our platform can help you find opportunities to learn, we focus on the credentials that tell employers you put that learning into practice.

Then you can show the world your skills through the credentials you earn.

Add Your
Life Experience To Your Credentials

Holistic Credentialing is an approach that enables you to bring together all your certifications, learning experiences and life experiences so that you can demonstrate a more complete view of the holistic person you are. 
We work with state-of-the-art technologies and partners to ensure that our approach to credential assessment is reliable, trusted and appropriate. We focus on valid assessment of your human capabilities that make you successful in any job as well as giving recognition to the professional competence of a particular job.
We want those who earn C2People credentials to be recognised as holistic candidates for any role.

Change Your Expectations

Already have a career or want to change careers? Need new skills to get back into the workforce?
We know you have skills that will be valued by employers. We can assess and recognise those existing skills and then join you to new opportunities for new skills that will advance your career. 

Secondary Students

Don’t know what to study after school? Want to get real experience, aim for that first job, and start your own journey? We help students in schools get recognised for the skills they already have and show how those skills fit with alternative career pathways. How about an internship after school so that you can become ready for your first job? Build your skills and earn credentials while you earn money from your first job, and your next one, and your next one. We want to be your lifelong partner in career development.

Our Vision

Empowering all people to realise their aspirational goals, lifelong career journeys and personal growth by simplifying access to a credentialing and learning ecosystem and helping employers to find the talent they need.

What Is A C2 Person?

C2 People know the value of being credentialed for all of your skills as Capabilities and Competencies and how that recognition can open new opportunities for them.


Credentials represent clear and verified assessments of what you can do. They are not just statements you make about yourself, they are independently assessed.


Career Credentials are the best way to grow your career and they act as waypoints on your journey to your own unique future.

Are you ready...
For the future of employability?

We hear a lot about the Future of Work. That is an important issue for governments, large enterprise and policy makers. but as individuals we need to think about the Future of Employability. Our own employability. Not as a destination after you earn a qualification, but as a journey you travel as new jobs emerge or even as yours changes while you are in it!


How will you prove you can keep doing your current job as it changes?


How can you be the one that wins that next opportunity with new skills?


Being employable in the future will require you to truly show your versatility, the breadth and depth of your skills… That you are ready for what the future holds.

Want To Find Out More

If, like most of us, this is something you need, then get in contact and see how we can help. Our new programs will be starting soon. 



All companies benefit from a diverse workforce that brings new perspectives to their work


All people are valued and valuable and everyone deserves the same opportunity to be the best they can be


No one should be excluded from participating in a fulfilling career and personal growth, or opportunities to learn